Thursday 13 June 2013

About Fifty Billion Bits of News


If you're reading this, my apologies for my lack of posting over the past year.

If you're not reading this, I'm not sorry at all because you clearly don't care. You swine.

I've had some lovely news - Blake Friedmann Literary Agency, with whom I've been working lately, are hiring me in their Media Department to assist the agents representing writers of Film, Television and Theatre. My intention is to soak up any and all info like a great big Northern sponge, until I'm able to progress to having my own clients one day. 

So I'll be launching myself enthusiastically into script notes, contract wording, rights investigating and much more. Heaven! 

Drop me a line if you have a proven script-writing track record, want representation and have written a top-notch, excellent, unique and fabulous script. I'm always happy to check scripts out, although it can take a while. Please read submissions guidelines here first.

I'm also doing some script reading for the London Screenwriters' Festival this year with Lucy V Hay, which is a fabulous learning-and-networking event. Check it out!

And one more bit of news; the eloquent and hilarious Steve Jordan and I are producing PILGRIM SHADOW, another Fringe comedy this year, on at the Tristan Bates 29th July-3rd August. Come and see! More info on that here.

Much love and pretentious air-kisses,