Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New Year's Aberration

By the bum of Zeus, it's been a long time since I last blogged!

I've made a proper, grown-up, totally-not-to-be-reneged-on decision to blog at least once a week in future. I've currently got several working brain cells left after the traditional Christmas Sherry Trifle Spelunking that goes on in our house, so I've determined to put them to some sort of use in the coming year.

But let me make this clear though; IT IS NOT A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. Making promises to oneself that are arbitrarily attached to the flipping over of the calendar are generally doomed from the outset, in my experience. Zum Beispiel: 'Oooo, I'm well proper gonna go to the gym fifty times a week this year!' is oh-so-swiftly replaced with 'What?? The local KFC has a drive-thru now?? TO THE GREASE-WAGON!!'...

So instead I'm going to pretend it's July so I can legitimately intend to blog on a weekly basis without being in danger of 'kidding myself'. So, I'm off outside with an ice-cream and some ill-advised Bermuda shorts... *is immediately frozen in a block of ice to be discovered by future civilization and displayed as 'Specimen of 2011/12 Idiot'*