Thursday, 5 January 2012

Short Horror Films Wanted

I've started a little project, in which I aim to collate as much excellent amateur/aspiring filmmakers' work in the field of horror, in order to pitch it around and see if I can get a major distributor to create a platform to gain exposure for it.

Which brings me to my question:

Have you seen anything totally awesome on Youtube lately?

Or perhaps Vimeo, or elsewhere online...

As long as it's available to the public online, and is a short film (no strict rules about length as yet) I want to see it! Doesn't matter how low-budget, or whether it was filmed on an HD camera or a camera phone; I'll give it a shot.

Whether you made it, or just saw it and thought it was cool, please send a link my way. Either tweet it at me @audreydeuxpink, or leave it in the comments here.

Completed short films only please, no scripts I'm afraid.



  1. Hi, A friend of mine steered me to you. My animated zombie short film, Year Zero, premiered this year at Tribeca Film Fest and most recently showed in the Anchorage International Film Fest in Dec. You can watch it here:


  2. Thanks very much! I'll check it out :-)

  3. Hi, I tweeted you this one but here's a link to my short horror "Videophone" I hope you like it :D...